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Surrey Thoracic Surgery Group

At Surrey Hospital & Fraser Health

To Schedule An Appointment

Call 778.735.0230

Referrals // Surrey

Instructions for referring offices

Please fax all referrals to (604) 588-5638

What to include:

  • Brief letter of introduction and reason for referral (Preferred timeline, ie non-urgent vs. urgent)

  • Specialist consult notes (recent/relevant)

  • Any of the following test results: PFTs, ECHO, CT Reports, PET Reports, Other Radiological Reports, PATH Reports, PH and Manometry Reports, Surgical/Procedural Reports (recent)

  • Patient Demographics (contact details)

  • Current medication list


What NOT to include:

  • Lab reports (older than 30 days)

  • Routine office visit records

  • Non relevant consult notes

  • Old surgical/procedural reports (not relevant to current problem)



Surrey Thoracic Surgery Triage Guidelines

All referrals are triaged to next available surgeon based on urgency requested.


If a specific surgeon is desired, or has already been made aware of the patient, please indicate so and all efforts will be made to book an appointment with that surgeon. If that surgeon is unavailable for the urgency requested, the next available surgeon will be assigned.


If the referring physician, or the patient, wish to be seen by a specific surgeon only, regardless of availability, please indicate so in the letter of introduction.

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