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Division of Thoracic Surgery
Vancouver General Hospital

Instructions for referring offices

Please fax referrals to the respective physician:


Dr. John Yee - (604) 875-5828

Dr. Anna McGuire - (604) 398-8587

Dr. Kyle Grant - (778) 897-3197

Dr. James Choi - (778) 676-7768

Dr. Leith Dewar - (778) 897-3113

MUST include:


  1. Complete patient demographic sheet along with contact numbers of friends/family if patients does not speak English.


 2. For suspected malignancies please provide a relevant CT

     scan report (or equivalent appropriate radiological report -

     MRI/ultrasound) no more than 3 months old.

 3. Referrals for open lung biopsies, sequestrations,

     non-malignant issues - a relevant CT scan done within a

     year is acceptable.


 4. Referrals for GERD or anti-reflux, paraesophageal hernia's

     etc - must provide fluoroscopy/barium swallow report (or

     equivalent) less than one year old.


Any other information you send along is greatly appreciated and incredibly helpful (detailed PFT's, PET, pathology, ECHO, PH and manometry, relevant surgical reports) but not necessary to complete the referral.


Once all relevant information is received, we will send an appointment notification to your office.

Vancouver Thoracic Surgery Triage Guidelines

All referrals are triaged to next available surgeon based on urgency requested.


If a specific surgeon is desired, or has already been made aware of the patient, please indicate so and all efforts will be made to book an appointment with that surgeon. If that surgeon is unavailable for the urgency requested, the next available surgeon will be assigned.


If the referring physician, or the patient, wish to be seen by a specific surgeon only, regardless of availability, please indicate so in the letter of introduction.



Referrals // Vancouver

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