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Victoria Thoracic Surgery Group

At Royal Jubilee & Island Health

To Schedule An Appointment

Call 250.595.2820

Instructions for referring offices

Please fax all referrals to (250) 595-2820

What to include:

  • Brief letter of introduction and reason for referral (Preferred timeline, ie non-urgent vs. urgent)

  • Minimum requirements for assessment

    • Chest wall/lung/mediastinal/airway pathology - CT chest

    • Malignant foregut (esophageal/GEJ/gastric) - CT chest/abd

    • Benign foregut (Giant HH/Gastric Volvulous/achalasia/GERD) - barium swallow or PO CT chest

  • Patient Demographics (contact details)

  • Current medication list


Victoria Thoracic Surgery Triage Guidelines

All referrals are triaged to next available surgeon based on urgency requested.



Referrals // Victoria

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