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Surrey Thoracic Surgery Group

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Patient Guides // Surrey

Patient Guides are articles and brochures that are in PDF format. Click on any of the items listed below to learn more.


This section is developed in the hope of providing advice and information for patients wishing to navigate their illness experiences. Please integrate information gathered here in the context of information already provided for you by your thoracic surgeon.


Guides // Smoking Cessation // Hospital Wayfinder

Guides and Articles //
Click the PDF icon next to each title to open the guide.

Welcome Guide To 3 South Surgical

Patient Guide to Lung Surgery

Chest Surgery

Hiatus Hernia Repair

Procedures For Diagnosing Chest and Lung Problems

Lung Surgery: Treatment for Lung Problems

Before And After Your Esophagectomy

Recovering From Surgery

Physiotherapy After Thoracic Surgery

Going Home After Your Chest Surgery

Home Exercises After Sternotomy

Tube Feeding: A Step-by-Step Guide

Reducing Falls and Related Injuries

Nicotine Replacement Therapy and Stop Smoking Medications

Fact Sheet: Associated Diarrhea

Fact Sheet: Methicillin Resistant Bacteria

Atrium Express™ Mini 500: Patient Instructions For Use

Pneumostat™ Chest Drain Valve, Atrium Pneumostat™: Patient Instructions For Use

Pectus Bar Surgery Booklet

Guides and Articles
Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation //
How To Quit Smoking - Lung Association
Visit the links below to read helpful guides on how to quit smoking.
Hospital Wayfinder //
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