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Kelowna Thoracic Surgery Group

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Patient Guides // Kelowna

Patient Guides are articles and brochures that are in PDF format. Click on any of the items listed below to learn more.


This section is developed in the hope of providing advice and information for patients wishing to navigate their illness experiences. Please integrate information gathered here in the context of information already provided for you by your thoracic surgeon.

Introduction // Guides // Zoom Instructions

Introduction for Patients //
Please read the following carefully.


The KGH Thoracic Surgery Program consists of 5 thoracic surgeons, a nurse practitioner and 3 medical office assistants. We are a group practice, meaning that the surgeon you see at your first visit may not be the same surgeon that sees you in further follow up or completes your surgery. Our surgeons share the responsibilities of clinic, the operating room and inpatient ward care to ensure you receive expedient care. This shared system allows you to move efficiently from initial consultation to treatment. You will likely meet most of the team members and we will all be working in close cooperation to ensure you receive excellent comprehensive care.


Once we receive a request from your healthcare provider for you to be seen by a thoracic surgeon, you will be contacted by one our office assistants, Laura, Heather, or Sylvia who will provide you with the details of your upcoming consultation appointment.

You will have the option for either “virtual consult” via Zoom on your personal computer or cell phone, or Telehealth at your local healthcare facility OR in person at our clinic at Kelowna General Hospital. At this appointment you will meet one of the five thoracic surgeons on our team. You are welcome to have a family member or support person attend this appointment with you.

During your consultation with the thoracic surgeon, you may be required to have further investigations that are not available in your community. Our medical office assistants will do their best to coordinate your investigations to minimize travel and are happy to help you navigate through the various medical systems outside your community.


If you and the surgeon agree to proceed with surgery, you will be given a patient education booklet with detailed information in regard to your surgery and hospital stay (please view the PDF copies below in Guides and Articles). You will be contacted directly by the KGH Surgical Booking Office with a date for surgery. While at KGH you will be cared for by our team of professionals. It is at this time you will meet our Nurse Practitioner, Marjan Vizcaino. Marjan will manage your care while you are admitted to the hospital and may even see you in follow up after you have recovered from your surgery.

If you have any further questions regarding your care under the Kelowna Thoracic Surgery Team please do not hesitate to contact Laura, Heather or Sylvia at the office.


Guides and Articles //
Click the PDF icon next to each title to open the guide.

Patient Guide to Lung Cancer


Lung Surgery: What you need to know


Esophagectomy Surgery: What you need to know


Guides and Articles
Zoom Instructions //
Instructions and Links for Kelowna Thoracic Surgery Virtual Visit.

Prepare for your Virtual Visit

1) Visit our Virtual Care Service webpage for more information:

2) Test your internet, audio and video connection at: (it will direct you to download the appropriate Zoom application, as it does not test launching Zoom from a web browser).

Zoom Technical Support


1) For self-help support, visit the Zoom Support Center:

2) For Interior Health Zoom support, call 1-855-870-4755, option 4, Monday through Friday from 7 am to 4 pm PT (excluding stat holidays).

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